3 years full-time

I started playing Poker full-time on the 15th of September 2008.

On the contrary of what many people may think, my initial bankroll for this project was small, but I had a plan!
"I started playing poker again, and since my financial situation was not very good, I have been playing the $6.5 sngs. I made a $200 deposit on my account and the plan is to play 10 hours per day until the end of the month, at that point I will reevaluate the situation. The timeschedule I have defined for myself is 8:30-13:30 and 14:30-19:30".
 Also, I wasn't doing anything at random, I already had a reasonable sample of sit-n-gos of $6.5 and $16 and the numbers gave me some confidence.
"The ROI I expect at the $6.5 sngs is 13%, while at the $16s I'm expecting 5% which is why I'm going to follow the next table as far as necessary Bankroll for each level is concerned:"
 That information has always been available on my blog, which is why none of this is new. At that point, I decided to not reveal my numbers for the month, but in order to please the readers that have been following me for years, I decided to put here a scan of my personal record of my 1rst year of playing poker full-time.

BOP: It's the Battle of the Planets, which is a promotion PokerStars has for sit-n-go players.

The reason why there are two rakeback values there, has to do with the fact that I started the month with a certain VIP level but then achieved a higher one. From this point of view, PokerStars has always been great, since all players are equal and are compensated according to what they play in the house and not according to who they know.

As for the colours, in yellow are the stakes that were "normal" for me to play. Pink indicates the experiences that didn't go well and green  the experiences that went well. During the month that followed I only played $16 and $27 and in December $16, $27, $38 and $60. I also have one sheet for each one of those months :)

My numbers nowadays are "a bit" better, but the spirit continues to be more or less the same!


Laurent said...


congratulations for your good results.
I just have one question: in your post about the KK hand, you say that you look at the hand in sng wizard. but how do you do it because they don't have hyperturbo sat format (prize structure), right?
thanks and good luck

Laurent said...

Well, thinking about it more, I found a solution, but it would work only when there are 3 players : putting step format. Is that the way you did it?

Andre said...

Laurent: Hi, you can create a custom structure on sngwiz :) gl

Laurent said...

Hi Andre,
what would you say to someone who just started playing this format and has these results after 535 of them : ROI is -8.4%, but my red line is +0.9% (avg buyin is 50$). Am I bad or just stupidly unlucky?

Also, if you don't mind sharing, what is the difference between your all-time red line and green line (in terms of ROI)?

And do you think the red line is a good indicator and I shouldn't worry?


Andre said...

Laurent: your sample is too small, play 10k of them and u will get a hint of your real results :P

My red line crosses my green line quite often in the year!

sexyamigos said...

hey with all the T$ u won from the HT Sats. Do you sell them to convert to cash or you will just keep using them to play more HT Sats and MTT?

Andre said...

sexyamigos: i just play hts and mtts

sexyamigos said...

yeah, but how did actually cash out? I see that you played a lot of HT Sats, but you only earned T$ from them. I guess you earn "real cash" from playing MTTs?

Marcial Wills said...

bah!, this is going to be a stupid question: Do you always track your numbers in paper, or do you use excell too?

Andre said...

Marcial WIlls: It's a pretty good question actually. I use a program called "Holdem Manager" that does all the tracking for me automatically!