Why I'm not going to Vegas this year

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Last year, I liked a lot going to Vegas to play the main even of the WSOP. However, this year the situation is different.

PokerStars is not going to invest in the WSOP like they did last year, which makes total sense, taking into account that it's not allowed to use logos in any TV transmissions from the WSOP this year. Since the biggest part of the players plays the big live tournaments due to sponsorships, I imagine that this year we won't see many of the stars playing at the WSOP.

In my case in particular, I had the right to play the tournament for reaching the status of Supernova Elite last year, and not because I'm sponsored, so it doesn't come down to that. However, I don't have the extra incentive of representing the biggest Poker room in the world, since I can't use any of their logos in potential tv transmissions.

The alternative that I have to the WSOP package, which includes the buy-in plus $3k for expenses, are $10,000. Well, from a strictly financial point of view, between playing the main event, that is one of the softest tournaments that exist and paying 30% of taxes out of any prizes or taking the $10k, there shouldn't be a big difference.
However, I would have to spend 1-2 weeks, that I could use to work. Obviously, going to Vegas has the advantage of doing shopping at great prices, spend a few days by the swimming pool, etc etc etc. However, it should also be taken into consideration that spending more than a week there would wear me out, due to my intolerance of air-conditions and travelling being so tiring (trust me!).

Back to the two weeks that I can spend working... At this moment, I'm at the peak of my hourly rate and I think that all the time I spend during the next months not playing Poker, could be something that I will regret later on. It's so common to see pros that are twenty-something years old talking about how the games were easy half a dozen of years ago, how they were winning X money in a week and spent the rest of the month enjoying life... and how they regret not taking full advantage of the situation... I know that the current situation won't last forever (it never does) and I will take advantage of it at the maximum for as long as it lasts.

I'll keep my fingers crossed at home that one of the Portuguese wins a bracelet! Sr. Fernando Brito already told me that he'd like to win one this year :)

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