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Friday, April 29, 2011

Yesterday I arrived at the gym a bit earlier than usual and I went to weigh myself. When I saw that I had 1 more kilo comparing to the previous week I got off the scale to check if it was adjusted correctly... It was :(

I felt a bit bad with the situation, not exactly for the 1KG, which is something relatively insignificant, but for the time that I invested at the gym trying to lose weight that in the end was wasted because of my deviations from my diet during Easter and some drinks.
I have an idea of how much an hour of my time is worth and I started thinking "Those last 6h at the gym were worth X, would I pay X to do those things? No! :("

It was more or less like Poker... That downswing that we have from time to time is to remind us that it's also necessary to study our game! Or as it happens to me at the tournaments of Magic and Poker where I make a big mistake, I get very angry with myself and from that point on I play as concentrated as possible, at a level that I normally can't reach... Maybe this doesn't make any sense to some people, but that's how it happens to me...

Yesterday I also had my monthly appointment with my nutritionist, I lost a bit of weight and fat mass during the last month, which is good, but if I went to the nutrionist a week earlier I would have a better figure :( Anyway... At the moment I have 28% of body fat, the nutritionist thinks that I would be ok with 20% and that 82KG would be a good weight for me (I mesure 1.87). My PT thinks that 82KG is too low and that if I continue losing body fat and gaining on muscles I should weigh more than that. I'll try to stick to the plan and see how it goes...

To sum up... from now on I'll start looking at it from a new perspective! I'll do as much as possible according to the plan I made with the nutritionist and I'll try to rationalize possible deviations from it.

Today I also went to take the medical exam for the driver's licence. I subscribed yesterday and the medical exam was included in the registration fee, so I went to one of their doctors. I caught a taxi to the place and went to the doctor's office. He asked me "Do you use glasses?", I said no, then "Do you use contacts?", I say no again and he signs all the papers, makes a photocopy and sends me away.
This is ridiculous, they made me waste half an hour of my life plus €15 on taxis only to ask me two questions anyone could have asked and that was it.

I went to the cinema with Ivanildo and our girlfriends to watch "Limitless"

It's rare for me to say this, but... The film was better than the trailer! Go watch it :)

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