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Monday, May 16th, 2011

This week I gave an interview to INSIDE SCOOP.

Forgive my english, but I was very tired :(

Yesterday I played some tournaments of the SCOOP:

SCOOP-19-M: I went all-in on the flop with a hand that could only lose to runner runners (he needed 2 cards to win) and unfortunately my opponent got his runner runner flush.

SCOOP-20-L: This one was even going well, without big races, but I ended up losing all-in pre-flop AQo vs JJ.

SCOOP-20-M: This one had many ups and downs, I went up to 70K chips, then I had the bad end of a set over set, then a good run and 78k chips again. After that, I made a mistake on the bubble, but it doesn't bother me much, cause it was the first time that I made such a mistake, which is part of learning. In the end, I lost all-in pre-flop SB vs BB with KJ vs KQ. It was avoidable to lose there with KJ, since we were so close to the prizes, but it's also not something that will make me lose my sleep.

SCOOP-20-H: I put the filters wrong at tableninja and I ended up playing this $2,100 tournament. I didn't put myself in big adventures during the whole tournament, but I also never got any big spots, the only time that there was really a risk for me to lose the tourney was in the last hand. To sum up, I had two pairs, my opponent had one pair, I went all-in on the turn, he called and then came the second pair for him. I was happy with the way I played, but it's like this... poker :)

In general, it has been tiring, playing the satellites, mtts, being the host of final tables and all the other things that I do in my everyday life.
This point of the year is also bad for me from a physical point of view, because of the allergies. However, apart from a few exceptions, I have managed to keep a very high level of concentration and have an intelectual performance well above what I used to have let's say... 6 months ago. It's incredible what a good diet, physical exercise and the will to go further can do!

Citing Vicky Coren: "What I lack in experience I make it up in enthusiasm!"

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