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Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

I think that it's really important to help whoever really needs help and I don't refer to those who have financial problems, but to those that don't have the ability to fight for themselves in this world. I don't have much free time, therefore I decided to put my money where I don't put my time. In the beginning of the year, I put in my goals to donate 10% of what I earn to charity and that's what I have been doing. I have a bank account where I put that money and it's used exclusively for my charity projects.

After getting informed on the subject, I decided to not just give money to institutions, cause a lot of times it would be used to pay debts and sometimes even salaries that are delayed, instead of directly improving the life of the patients. So I decided, to contribute/finance some indivudual projects, where I felt that the money would really make a positive difference in the life of the patients.

Since it's easier to make a big contribution to smaller institutions, I spoke to some people I know to find out what was happening on a regional level and I went to see some institutions. One of them, was APPACDM of Penacova. I was a bit shocked to see that people with serious deficiencies get more psysical problems because of the lack of proper facilities so I decided to help. I could tell the story myself, but they wrote it in the newspaper of the institution and they had the courtesy of sending it to me, so I'm only going to put a printscreen:

Here's the english translation:


   APPACDM stands for Portuguese Assosiation of Parents, Friends, and Mentally Deficient Citizen.
   We are an institution that, apart from our patients, we count on the active participation of their parents and many friends.
   The everyday life of the patients has been made known through the pages of this newspaper. The parents, by their own initiative or when their collaboration is solicited, have always corresponded to our needs. Some more than others, of course, but everyone within their possibilities.
   Today we would like to start talking about the friends of our institution.
   The Iveco van is already 11 years old and its floor, at the part of transportation of wheelchairs, is in a really bad condition. With the evolution of wheelchairs, the existing imobilization system did not serve its purpose anymore.
   For example, Monica had to do all the trips in the van in her "old" wheelchair. When she arrived at the center she was transferred from her "old" wheelchair to her "new" one and then from her "new" wheelchair back to her "old" one when it was time to go back home. All this, because inside the van it was not possible to stabilize, in a secure way, the new wheelchairs. Also, in the van there were no safety belts for the wheelchairs.
   We asked for an estimation of repairs, but the price was too high for the institution to be able to make this remodeling: 1795 + IVA = 2086,45.
   We contacted one of the friends of APPACDM, Andé Coimbra, and we presented him the project of intervention on the van, stressing out the importance of the necessity to transfer securely and in comfort our youth, given the new wheelchairs, and we asked for his collaboration in the concretization of this project.
   Immediately, André Coimbra helped the institution and, thanks to his donation, the van was remodeled during the Easter break. It's already circulating with a new floor, an immobilization system and safety belts for the new wheelchairs.
   Monica is already being transported in her new comfortable chair.
   Our THANK YOU to this friend!

Isabel Brito
Social Service Technician"

At this moment, I have two more pending projects, but I will update you as soon as they materialize.

If you can contribute with your time or with your money in any sort of charity cause that takes place in your area, go ahead!

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