Update 2011 Resolutions

Sunday, April 24, 2011

As I wrote on the first day of the year, my resolutions for this year are:

(1) Attain 1M VPPs (SuperNova Elite) until the end of September
(2) Attain 1.25M VPPs until the end of the year
(3) Earn $100K+ pre-points at the sngs at PokerStars
(4) Donate 10% of all the money I earn to charity
(5) Going 3x/week to the gym and lose 10KG+
(6) Get a driver's licence

1 and 2: I have almost 500K VPPs, therefore I'm ahead of the expected pace. I was only counting on playing the $74s, but since I have been playing higher than that, it got easier to earn vpps.

3: This one I honestly thought I wouldn't make, but I put it in the list to motivate me and make myself try for it anyway. Fortunately, I managed to evolve in the game I play a lot more than what I was expecting and went from just break-even pre-rakeback to a positive ROI. There were also other favorable factors as you know. I'm up $72.76k according to sharkscope, which is brutal for April, but let's see how things turn out!

4: I made a reasonable donation to Japan and I have been putting money aside for the local institutions that I'm helping. During this week or the next one, I should be able to talk about a project that my money allowed to materialize.

5: APRIL, I made it in APRIL! Now it's all about maintenance and improving my shape :)

6: I already subscribed at a school of driving, I bought the book, paid for the medical exams and I need to go to the doctor in order to get the medical certificate sometime during this week or the next. However, I'm only planning to start around August. It's just that right now the games are extremely profitable for me and based on what I read and what I hear from some pros, this should only last until the end of the WSOP. After that, many American pros will move to another country in order to get back to grinding. I will still manage to beat the games, but the ROIs will go down for sure, so I think it's better to benefit and grind now as much as possible while I still have a premium ROI and then when this period is over, dedicate myself to the driver's licence.

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