Two new records

Wednesday, June 1rst, 2011

In May I beat my record of VPPs in a month, the new record is now 288K VPPs.

I also managed to beat my record of profit in sit-n-gos in a month.

I am very lucky to be able to do what I do profesionally and to be born in the information age. Certainly, if I had been born 40 years earlier, in the industrial age, I wouldn't have the same opportunities.

Recently I have been enjoying the results of my work of the last 3-4 years. I've had some more difficult moments and have done some sacrifices that often are not visible to who is far away. However, I've also had some success in some activities in the intelectual field these last years and a return that's equivalent, in a way, to my work, which has helped me overcome difficulties and have the motivation to go even further.

We live in a time that there's such a big percentage of unemployment that so many families have financial problems. I think of money as something that increases my purchasing power, but as a tool that can be very powerful when used correctly.

Since the beginning of the year I have been putting aside 10% of my winnings for some charity projects, a small percentage for my monthly expenses, so as to live well, but without exaggerations and without having anyone around me with big difficulties. I have been investing and reinvesting the rest in the best way to increase the capital. I hope that in some years from now I will be able to use this capital that I've used in the last years to create jobs and business models that will serve the Portuguese.

Now speaking of May..., I played close to 165h, a total of close to 14,500 tournaments. I probably have spent around 25h hosting final tables, including a lot of times where the tournaments kept going until early in the morning. That along with some studying time, I worked around 200h+ in May. Apart from that, I managed to go to the gym 3x per week. I'm very lucky to have a job during this time and I have the necessary enthousiasm to be able to do all these hours, but I got really tired last month. With the muscular training that I have been doing at the gym, all the hours seated in front of the computer and the stress, some of my muscles hurt a bit and it has been quite troublesome these past days.

In June I will work less and I'll be able to rest  a bit more, but I want to take advantage of the opportunities that will show up of course, such as next Sunday with the Sunday Majors with 2x prizepool.

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