Trimester #2 2011

Yesterday was the end of the 2nd trimester of the year. As far as Poker is concerned, I think that the ideal for the game I am currently playing is to have an trimestral and an anual perspective, which is why I'm going to analyze the numbers of the second trimester of the year with the help of some printscreens.

My objective for the 2nd trimester was to reach 360k VPPs. I ended up playing quite higher than what was planned and I reached 543k VPPs, which is fantastic.

As for the leaderboards of sharkscope, I went up a lot of places and I'm very close to being the most profitable player of the hyper-turbos in 2011, let's see how the next 6 months go!

These were the stakes that I played during the SCOOP, but that I don't normally play, which is why the sample is small. In total, I finished +$4538 pre-rakeback. The samples of each stakes are small, which is why we can't jump to any big conclusions.

At the stakes I normally play I finished +$39590 pre-rakeback, which is fantastic!
Last semester I finished +$24296, which is an indicator of progress and it puts me slightly ahead of pace for my goal of winning $100k pre-rakeback at the sngs.

At the turbos, I lost $260, which is not really relevant comparing to the amounts we are discussing here.

At the MTTs, I lost $9826. I played some $1050 ones and some $2100 but unfortunately I didn't make it in the money in any of them, which explains this negative result.

As far as Poker goes, that's it. If I could sign an agreement for the next 2 months and have the same results as what I did this trimester, I wouldn't think twice!

Let's see how the next one goes, you already know where you can follow me :)

Training at the gym has been going well, but it needs a lot of work and dedication.
This year I've already lost 13KG, and I should still be able to lose a bit more body fat. In any case, I have an appointment with my nutritionist next week so I'll talk about more about the subject.

I haven't started the driving lessons yet. I've already taken the medical exam, now I just need to take 2 photos  in order to get the license to learn. This trimester I invested a lot on Poker timewise and fortunately I got some results, which was an option....
I never really needed a driver's license to be honest, but I think that soon I'll be needing it and I'll have the extra motivation to put this story  behind me.

I hope that this brief analysis of mine concerning the last trimester was at least interesting. If you have any doubts, leave a comment!

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