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Friday, May 6th, 2011

I'm at the airport waiting to board on the plane to Madrid. Since I wrote my last post, I haven't stopped at all, I've been wanting to write a post for some days, but it's only now that I managed to do it and the only reason for that is that the plane is half an hour late... :(

Sunday was mother's day, so I went to have lunch with my family, then I cought the train to the capital and I even worked some hours until the Sunday500 started.

On Monday I went to the gym in the morning and then I worked until late.

On Tuesday I studied in the morning and after a nice nap I played $357 sits for around 7h, out of which the last 4-5 were in a row. When I finished I was exhausted and in the last half hour I made a missclick that cost me a buy-in, but that's normal...

On Wednesday I went to the gym in the morning, came back, rested a bit and I played quite a few hours, mostly $109 and $181 sits, but also some $357 and $535. I finished late...

On Thursday I went to the gym in the morning, but I hadn't slept much, so I was very tired and constipated and the training was quite hard. In the afternoon I had some work commitments and then I went to the cinema to see "Thor". The film was average! After that I went to bed early and I slept 12h... yep, I was very tired.

Today I went to the gym in the morning and I must have done something wrong at one of the exercises, that left me with a pain on the top part of my back. I went for a massage after the gym and the lady said that it was accumulated stress plus pushing the muscles at the gym, and that I should have massages more often. GG. I went back home to take a shower, my girlfriend was nice and she prepared my bag, taxi and here I am at the airport. The plane was full, so they put me in business class, it's not all going wrong...

I'm playing tomorrow, but first I have some work matters to take care of in Spain. I booked my return flight for Sunday, cause that's when the SCOOP begins and every day is a unique opportunity to make money. The plan is... if I make it to day 2, buy a new flight and grind in the hotel room on Sunday, otherwise I come back on Sunday to grind at home.

I think that in the past no other tournament seemed to me like so much work as this EPT Madrid, honestly with all the tiredness, the pain in my back and the SCOOP coming up, if I could I wouldn't play, but I won't skip a 10k tournament after registering...10k is a lot of money!

I chose this tournament as part of one of the 2 packages that I get for being Supernova Elite. The other one will be the WSOP main event. I believe that both of them are a better option than the 10k. Last year I got compensated  with the result at the WSOP, we'll see how it goes this year...

The plan for tomorrow is same as always, play tight aggressive and wait for the good cards and the good spots :)

In relation to the SCOOP, I will play many tournaments of the Low and Medium ones and I'll be the host of some final tables. However, my main focus during the SCOOP will be on the satellites, which is where I really try to make an income. I will play the hyper-turbo satellites until $1k, those of $3k I won't play, cause apart from not having the right bankroll for them (600K+), it could harm my anual performance a lot and I don't want to finish the year in red just because a few dozens of tournaments went bad.

As for the rest...

I'm still missing 2-3 more hours of study for next week in order to feel comfortable playing my satellites. I will have to make time for that!

Today they changed the buy-ins and the structure of the sngs at PokerStars. They are substantially different and they will require a certain level of adaptation. I think that they are better this way, cause there are more intermidiate levels, but that's just my opinion. The $5 hyper-turbos are already available at the PokerStars client, this is maybe an indication that they are thinking about having higher stakes and on the short term that will be bad for me, cause they will absorb some of the traffic of the satellites and I will be forced to study a new game, given the fact that the structure is completely different.

Another reason to benefit at the maximum from these satellites during the SCOOP... My girlfriend was saying that I need a week of vacation, but I think that now isn't a good time...

Ok, the line to board the plane is moving quickly, I have to go. I hope there weren't many mistakes, but I don't have time to reread.

Coimbra out :P

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