Monday, 20th June, 2011

Lately I haven't been playing much. The main reason, is my low concentration level. Because of that, I can't optimize my hourly rate.

I already knew that when you begin to train more regularly at the gym, there is an adaptation period where your concentration levels are low. However, I didn't know that increasing the intensity of your current training also has the same effects. We always learn! In retrospect, I should have changed my training in July, so that it's the beginning of the trimester and not at the end of a trimester but it's not a big deal...

The weekend that passed I went to Coimbra to spend some time with my family and I also went to the inauguration of a travel agency of a couple of friends of mine, it was nice :) As for the rest..., I have a bigger appetite and I feel more sleepy, which is why I haven't been doing anything much apart from the basics. I have been catching up on my reading and I have been watching some movies!

As for poker, I have been studying and learning a lot, there's always so much to study and learn...! In the next days, I want to start coming back to my normal rythm of work, starting by less tables than usual. I want to see if by Sunday I can manage doing a normal session. The minimum objective for the next 10 days is to reach 900k VPPs (I'm missing something like 15k VPPs).

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