One more record

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Yesterday I came back from Madrid early in the morning with only a few hours of sleep and today I'm already writing a post on my new personal record of online poker!
Yesterday was my most profitable day to this day.

(Rakeback is equivalent to the benefits of being SuperNova Elite)

It's normal for me to have bigger daily variations, given the fact that I play stakes that are a lot higher. At this moment, I'm playing 10x higher than what I was in January. The only reason why I don't have variations that are 10x bigger, is because the volume of the higher games is not so big in a single day.

I also took a look at what were until today the best and the worst days (doesn't include rakeback).

It's obvious that fortunately the best days have an absolute value that's bigger than that of the negative days. Which is great. If you look at the volumes, you can see that with the exception of the 2 worse days, on the days that I'm losing I play significantly less that on the days that I'm winning.

Today is another day full of work and I'm expecting an epic month for my standards. We'll see how it goes, follow me at PokerStars! 

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