New times, new blood

Even though the traffic at the highest stakes of the hyper-turbos ($181 and $357) has been considerably affected by the absence of american players, a new wave of players has appeared at the $74 hyper-turbos during the past week. I'm not talking about players that play 1 or 2 games to try to qualify for a tournament, but about players that play various hts at the same time for hours.

I believe that this phenomenon is related to what happened recently at other poker rooms. Since players know that their money is safe at PokerStars and that they can continue their activity safely, they changed to PokerStars.

Many had their bankrolls tied in other rooms where they were playing previously, they don't have the bankroll to play the higher stakes and probably don't know the format, since it's exclusively at PokerStars. That explains why they started at the $74s.

This exodus will obviously not only affect the hyper-turbos, I think that it's going to be great for whoever plays at Pokerstars, since it will increase the volume that each player may play and will therefore create traffic during hours that traffic was low. I also think that, even though right now this only affects the bottom and the middle of the Poker pyramid, in time it will also affect the top and the higher stakes will have once again the life they used to have before the Black Friday. This, because there will be a creation of bankrolls that will allow players to play higher and there's always a big demand for action.

What is your opinion on the subject? Please leave a comment!

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Garibal said...

Hello, I am a former player of STT on Full tilt poker.

I would like to share your optimism as is will probably come to play on HTT on Pokerstars (depending of the evolution on FTT).

But don't you think this move will incrase a lot the level of the players as shark are more likely to move on Pokerstars ?

I hope to be wrong of course, what do you think about that ?

Andre said...

Garibal: To be honest I'm not really worried. There will always be recreational players trying to win their entry fee to the Sunday Million.

Things keep changing, but if you can adapt, everything will workout well for you, you will see :)

Garibal said...

I hope you're right ;)

But i can't understand one thing on pokestar hyper turbo, i saw it s only satelite tournaments. So you just earn T$ isn't it ? How do you convert those T$ in real money ?