Monday, May 9th, 2011

The other day a few people disagreed with my pre-flop mini-raise and I had a funny hand yesterday.
It's a $714 sit that pays $2100 to the top 2.
The action pre-flop was that Vandiesel went all-in, I called with AA and pokinho18 folded, and was left with his remaining 18 chips.

(Click on the image to see it in a bigger size)

Here the correct play would not be the mini-raise, since the BB has practically only 1 BB, but a call and check the hand down until the river. The all-in of vandiesel is also an ev+ play, but... it's less good than limping, because I will wake up with the top of the hands sometimes and he doesn't really earn anything by taking me off the hand the rest of the times.

Anyway... He got unlucky and lost $2,100. Pokinho18 should be very happy!

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