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Friday, July 22nd, 2011

This week I went to the gym once. I checked my weight and I put on close to 3KG during my week of holidays. It was something planned, I needed one week without controling my food and not doing much. In any case, even after putting on 3KG I'm still -11KG for the year, which is good considering that my goal was -10KG.

As for the training, as I missed a week, I had to do the cardio without abusing it (500calories in 50 minutes) and then at the bodybuilding part, I did 2 sets of an exercise for each muscular group with weights that didn't require a big effort from me. The idea is to slowly get back to the normal pace. My personal trainer usually says that one of the big mistakes people make is to be X time without training and then getting back to what they were doing before they left. Apart from the training, I always like to ask some questions about the exercises and other related stuff, so that I learn a few things on the subject.

Anyway, the training went well, during next week I'll go 4x instead of 3x to make it up for the trainings I missed and I think that by the end of August I'll get back to the weight I had before the vacation, or at least to the body fat I had then.

Today I went to the nutritionist and what usually happens is that I forget what I want to ask. This time however, I have been taking notes on my cell phone when a question popped up, so it was a very enlightening session!
For example...I had no idea of how good or bad for the diet it is to get popcorn at the cinema... it seems that even if you get the small one it's around 1000 calories! GG. Another interesting answer, was that it's not good to mix rice with black beans (I'll miss that :( ) and that it's preferable to eat black beans instead of rice.

Then she checked my weight on a professional balance that she has there and we compared the results. I still lost 1KG since the previous meeting. (huff! :P). I lost close to 2% of body fat and gained around 2% of muscle. However, I gained a bit of visceral fat? (belly!) comparing to the previous meeting, and that was from the vacation. In any case, that has an expiration date! :P

Something that I was doing wrong..., I used to put too much olive oil on my dinner salad, I think it's around 135 calories for each table spoon, and I put the olive quite freely.

Now as I have been having longer training (1h and a half - 2h), I'll start eating an energy bar and drinking an Isostar after the cardio, to replace the "things" I lost (mineral salts?) and to be better prepared to go through the training. What was happening was that before I used to train for 1h-1h:30m and since I started doing half an hour more, I was lacking energy during the last half hour.

Ok... I think that's all. It's possible that I wrote something that's wrong so I ask you to not follow what I say here but follow the advice of someone who's a professional in this area! I try to write what I get, but it may not always be correct.

On Sunday I go back to action, 37k VPPs for SNE!

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