Saturday, May 28th, 2011

After those two chaotic weeks of the SCOOP, I took the past days off to rest a bit and reestablish my physical and psychological state.

I went to the cinema to see the Pirates of the Caribbean.
It made me laugh, so I liked it :)

After the cinema I went with my girlfriend to Burger King, since there was practically nothing else open. We normally eat once per week something that is not allowed in our diet and in the case of Burger King, we have been eating there close to once per month. It has been progressive, but every month that food tastes worse and I have less apetite, especially at dinner. Therefore, I decided to stop going there, unless there is no other option.

I have already been on this diet for some months now, and every time I notice that I have less of an apetite at night. Usually I'm fine with a salad...

I feel better eating chicken than porc or cow meat. With a few exceptions of course (the really good stuff... Piglet, filet steak, etc). I should also be eating more turkey, but in our culture we don't really have a tradition of cooking turkey apart from rare exceptions.
I have also been eating less rice/potato and a lot more vegetables. In the beginning it felt like swimming against the tide, but now it's the opposite, I feel like it's a natural thing to do.

I also went to have a  physical evaluation at the gym so as to compare with that of January. I have less 11KG and -8% body fat. I have managed to stay focused for more hours of work and I've been working for more hours in a row, so it was a good bet. The important thing for your fitness is to think in medium/long term, but for someone who plays poker professionally that's something natural, isn't it? :)

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