Saturday, June 11th, 2011

This week I started doing a more intensive training at the gym, so as to increase a bit my muscle mass. I did 3 sets of each exercise and in the majority of them I do 15 repetitions with a given weight, 12 repetitions with more weight and 10-12 repetitions with even more weight. It has been difficult, but with enough work today's difficult is tomorrow's easy.

This new type of training was something new to me and I didn't realize the fatigue coming from that training. My personal trainer recommended that I start taking some protein supplements. He didn't explain to me very well what it was, he just said that it would help me train better and recover, so I talked with my nutritionist on the subject. She did some research and she presented me some alternatives, alerting me to be careful with what I take, cause there's a lot of stuff that's not tested. She ended up recommending BCAA's. I've already ordered 2 packages to try it out, now I have to wait for them to come and really help.

Apart from the muscular fatigue I also had a downswing this month

The downswing doesn't affect me much psychologically.
Of course there are some incertainties like "Am I still beating the game?", but since the last 6 months I was the player that won the most money in the world at the game I play, I don't think about it too much. However, I know that these incertainties are what it takes for players with less results to give up and I think that the only way for anyone to escape these situations is to talk to players that have more experience and concentrate on playing the A-game for a big sample (5k sngs at the turbos, 20k sngs at the hyper-turbos) to have some certainties.
That said, the downswings are EXTREMELY TIRING, only those who have been through it understand what I'm saying. Losing constantly is super tiring...

Training at the gym plus the fatigue from the badbeats left me exhausted on Wednesday and at the end of the day I couldn't concentrate enough to work. I wasn't playing bad, since the game I play is extremely mathematical and I have plans that are very well outlined for various situations. However, I was doing a lot of misscliks and for that I had to stop one hour earlier than planned.
I took Thursday, Friday and Saturday off to relax.

During those three days, I went to the gym, took care of some bureaucratic stuff, I watched all the films I had on my "to-be-watched" list, took some hot baths, slept a lot and had a lot of chamomile to relax. I prefer more passive activities, like watching TV, than computer games or nights out when I need a break, because that's the only way I empty my head.

It was great, I was able to relax and think about certain things. There are some areas of the hyper-turbos that are still gray for me, but I've already thought of how to make them less gray and I think I will implement these changes in my game soon, so as to optimize my profits.

To end this subject, I've been playing poker professionally since 2008 and I usually have 1-2 months per year where I lose money, so come what may this month, it won't be anything that hasn't already happened to me before.
Anyway... Tomorrow is Sunday and it's the day when there's always traffic, I'll try to make the most out of the day and work many hours! I should reach 1,000,000 VPPs this month.

I was also surprised by the peak hours of traffic, since there are a lot of games from 22.00 to 2.00 am. I believe I underestimated the importance of Latin America to online poker! I have to see how the traffic is during the next days, but if I can only play 200sits/h after dinner time, I think I'm going to shift some hours in my schedule.

Ah..., now you can read my blog directly on your phone, blogger now has a version for phone in every blog. I hope it's useful :)

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