EPT Madrid Report

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

After my last post, I got on the plane to Madrid, today I'm going to finish on the plane to Lisbon.

On Friday I arrived in Madrid late and I caught a taxi to the hotel. When we arrived at the hotel, the odometer showed 18 and the driver said that it was 25. Normally, I complain and I don't pay until I get a good explanation in this kind of situation. This time, however, I was so tired that I gave him the 25 and I went to the hotel. Basically... I had barely arrived in Madrid and I got owned :(

I checked-in the hotel, they asked for my credit card as usual, for the extra expenses (you can also leave money, but that's always less practical) and as I was signing I saw how much PokerStars paid for the room. 235/night! I got an upgrade for being SuperNova Elite! Normally, I book the rooms early cause they have a limited number of upgrades and what is free is always welcome :)

This hotel was nice, but with a more classic style. It's complicated to describe, so I'll leave here some photos from the room:

On the table there were fruit and a bottle of water with a welcome note :)

Contrast of the tv and the furniture!
On the bed, there were a dozen pillows and on the bedside table there was a paper explaining the differences and for what situations each one of the pillows was better.
Shortly after arriving at the room, I asked for a salad. Honestly, I didn't like the salad. A year ago, I would have found it very expensive to pay 20 for a salad in the room, now, it seems more standard, but even so, I want to be well served and this was not the case. Fortunately, I asked for the dressing on the side, cause I tried a bit and it was horrible. After eating, I went to sleep.

I couldn't sleep much and I woke up at 6:30, I went to have breakfast at 7:00 am and wow! I think it was the best breakfast I've had in a hotel and I've travelled a lot. I can't eat too much at breakfast, otherwise I'm breaking the diet, so I ate some integral cereal with strawberries. The strawberries were super fresh and they were fantastic. I took a look at the scrumbled eggs and the bacon just to check how they were, but what I really felt like trying were the mushrooms... They had those big mushrooms cooked and they were delicious. I also drunk natural orange juice and it was great. It was a pity that I didn't take my mobile with me to take a picture, maybe next time.

I went back to the room and slept until 10:30. I took a shower and got dressed to go to the Media Training organized by PokerStars for Team Online. We talked about what I should or should not say in interviews, postures, etc. It's something that many people do, from football players to politicians. They had booked my training for Saturday, cause originally I was going to play on Sunday, but then the SCOOP calendary was published and I decided to play on Saturday, so I was left with the media training booked and the tournament to play right after. In any case, it was interesting, after that I got the PokerStars bus to the casino, that was 25 minutes away. PokerStars had a bus departing every 15 minutes to do the route between the hotel and the casino so as to facilitate the access.

Upon arrival at the casino, I went to look for the receipt of the tournament at the cashier's and then I had to go get the ticket to play the tournament from the PokerStars counter. I arrived a bit late and they were already at the beginning of the second level, so when I got close to the counter the PokerStars employee already had my ticket in hand and came running to give it to me since I was late. He knew who I was, cause he used to play Magic (Quentin Martin).

Finally, I sat at the table to play and nothing much happened, I saw some flops with some pairs to see if I could hit a set, raised with AT+ at the late positions when it was folded to me and that was pretty much it. With odds, I was playing some marginal hands in late position such as 68s and there was a multiway flop where 66x came and I had the opportunity to get some chips. Eventually, I had KK, they paid me a c-bet, but the other player was super aggressive and the board was super wet, so I checked the turn and the river to induce bets/ control the size of the pot, but it didn't work out.

(I was really cold)

What was interesting at that table, was a hand where I had QJs on the button, there was a raise and a call, I called as well and the BB raised close to 15% of his stack. My read was not very strong, but I thought he didn't need much to do that move there, so after the other two gave up, I 4-bet for +35% of his stack, he went all-in and I called, he showed AK and got a flush on the river. In retrospective, I still like my play, cause when he did the move there was close to 33% of his stack in the pot, so considering I have F.E., I think it's profitable.
(Here I wasn't as cold)

I also had a 66 where I shot two barrels (bet on the flop and turn) against two players, and that because the flop was Q84 and the turn was a 5. On the turn I had the blocker fot the nuts, but there was also a flush draw, and a player ended up check-raising all-in. I had to give up of course and the other player gave up with AQ with the nut flush draw (SERIOUSLY? Yep, I saw his cards). Here I missplayed, there was no need to do that kind of play in multiway pots, in any case it wasn't my comfort zone.

(I was feeling hot lol)

Then they changed me tables and it was funny, cause I heard oneof the players that were at this new table saying to someone during the break something like "...and at my table I'm the least aggressive, incredible, isn't it?" That was a good indication about how the table was, so I played more tight, with the intention of letting the others bet for me. I 3-bet twice with AT from the button and there was a hand where the SB had 15BB, I was on the button with QJs and we ended up all-in he had Ax, but he got unlucky.

Eventually, I had 50BB, I 3-bet with QQ from the button and the player from the SB with 40BB went all-in. I called, cause if I give up on QQ 40BB deep, I'm not doing anything there. Unfortunately, he showed AA and the best hand won. I was left with 10BB, I even got to 13BB, but then I went through the blinds and at the last hand of the day I was on the SB with A4o. There was a player that miniraised from early position, but honestly he appeared to me super weak, so I decided to put my 11BB in the middle, hoping to have a small % of fold equity, a bit % where I have 60% of the equity and a small % where I have 25%-30%. He showed 22 and the pair won.

Apart from the play with 66, I think I played well, even while being constipated, I managed to stay focused during the whole day and I think that as I play more live tournaments I get better at managing my aggressiveness and chosing my spots. I still have a lot to work on, but I'm definately on the right path.

I caught the bus and headed back to the hotel, on the way I had a pleasant conversation with Fátima and her boyfriend. When I arrived at the hotel, I laid down, but I couldn't sleep right away and I had set the alarm for 2h before the flight, but I don't know why, in the middle of the night I put it to go off 15 minutes later. 4h after that I woke up, but I don't remember much, I only remember feeling sleepy and putting 15 more minutes on the alarm. I went to checkout and when I got into the taxi I already knew that I would most likely not managed to check-in the flight :( Taking decisions that have to do with the alarm when one is sleepy, is like going to the supermarket when one is hungry...

Upon arrival at the airport, I run to the check-in counter and asked if it was possible to get to the flight to Lisbon. Thy guy there, very relaxed, told me that yes, and that I had nothing to worry about. I checked-in and the flight that was supposed to leave at 5:45 now had 6:00 as boarding time. At this moment it's 6:35 and they still don't know when the plane is going to leave. But, between this and losing the plane... THIS

I hope that this post was not boring or too long and that in the future I will leave the big posts to my girlfriend :P

For today the plan is to sleep a couple of hours or more when I arrive home and then attack the SCOOP.

Today I should play the SCOOP-01L, SCOOP02L and SCOOP02M, and of course, what you can be sure of is that you'll find me at the satellites for those events and for those of $2100. :)

When I get organized better, I will tell you what are the other events that I'm going to play. If you have a blog, twitter or facebook, you should write too which ones you are playing. As always, there will be many satellites and tournaments for everyone :)

Still no signs of the plane... I'll go get breakfast :P

Good cards to everyone!


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Saw you on EPT but didnt dare to say hello hahah... Anyway I have added you to my blogroll you could do the same if you want.
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Andre said...


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