Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I spent last weekend at my mother's place, since Easter is above all a time to spend with family.
It was nice to be with my family, but as far as diet is concerned it was pretty bad!
I even got my small laptop to play a bit on Sunday, but there was some lag, so I reduced the number of tables to avoid any possible disasters. Anyway... I finished the day positive, so it's not something really worth to talk about.

I came back on Monday after lunch and the plan was to grind some $357s, but I didn't really feel like it... I was a bit bored! Today it cost me a bit to wake up and go to the gym as well, but this time I did it. In the end I only did 30 minutes of cardio, cause I arrived a bit late, but the rest of it went well.

To sum up... It's complicated to create healthy and productive daily routines, and after being out of those routines for 3-4 days it's also complicated to get back to them. I imagine that this happens to everyone, but I remembered to talk about this anyway.

Today at least, I felt good to play and after the gym and a lunch according to my diet, I was already back on track. The results from yesterday and today aren't anything special, but a downswing had to come eventually and it's not because of losing 20-30 buy-ins that I'm going to lose my sleep.

I have a problem that has to do with facebook... There are a lot of people that are abusing the messages, please do not send me messages on facebook or mails, leave a comment here cause I reply to practically everyone.

I have also updated the blog's FAQ with the most frequent questions, it's on the top part of the blog, please read it!

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