Friday, May 20th, 2011

This week I had a downswing of close to 20k pre-rakeback within the last 900 sit-n-gos. 

It was something expected, since I had a ROI well above my expectations. I think that what I can expect is something like 1% and I had a ROI a few points higher, which is why the adjustment from Ms. luck was necessary :)

I have been playing some tournaments of the SCOOP and yesterday since there wasn't much traffic at the sit-n-gos I decided to play other multitable tournaments as well. Unfortunately, they all went bad, and sometimes I lost with hands that had 80% equity. I'm not a sore loser, but I hate losing and I got a bit annoyed with this situation of the mtts. On Wednesday, as I was also having a downswing at the sit-n-gos, I realized that my mindset was not adequate to continue playing and I ended my session a couple of hours early.

I also had to host a final table of a low stakes Razz tournament. The players were friendly and it was interesting. One of the players was from Spain and he said that he didn't really speak english, so I tried to communicate with him in my "Spanoportuguese" and fortunately, everything went well and he didn't get offended :P

On Thursday I decided that it would be better to not play poker, cause there shouldn't be much traffic at the hyper-turbos and I needed a day off, since I had been working a lot the past weeks. I went to the gym, had lunch in a japanese restaurant, had a massage, watched TV with my girlfriend, had dinner outside with friends and then we played singstar (I could make a post just on that...). It was good to reset the system :)

The next SCOOP that I'll play: 31-L, 31-M, 38-L, 38-M

As for the rest...

After my "Post-Black Friday Period" post I think that some people got the wrong idea about the way I see the question of time vs money, which is why I decided to explain my point of view.

In my opinion, time in life is a lot more important than money and it's easy to explain why. Every human being has less time in life every second that goes by, or to put it in another way, our time in life is limited. Money, on the other hand, is just an abstract concept and the more time goes by, there's more money circulating, which is why the purchasing power of each coin keeps decreasing.
In other words: As time goes by, we have less time in life and there is more money in the world, which is why it's easy to conclude that time in life is more important than money.

That said, why is important to make a connection between the two? In our actual society, we need money in our everyday life in order to obtain essential goods and more. Therefore, money has to have a value in relation to our time and it's because of that that 90% of the population works in a way that converts a portion of their time to money.

Now let's assume that someone makes 50/h and that to have a housemaid they have to pay 10/h. This person needs to work one hour to be able to pay 5 hours of work to the housemaid so that she covers all the domestic chores. Assuming that this person would have to deal with the house and would spend 5 hours per week doing so, now with 1h of work they are able to pay the housemaid for 5h of work. What's the result? This person ended up winning 4 hours to do what they like most. I could get more examples from real cases, but I think that of the housemaid is a good one. Conclusion... money can also be used to buy time.

To sum up, money is very important in our society and even though it's less important than time, it can allow us to buy or sell time, which is what makes it a very powerful tool and gives a big advantage to whoever understands how our economy works (not my case).

If you don't agree with me, I respect your opinion if it's well based on arguments, but please, respect mine as well :)

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