A different experience

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pedro Guedes invited me last week to the launch party of the new sunglasses prG with Multiopticas that took place yesterday. I asked Katerina if she wanted to go and as the reply was positive, we went.

We arrived half an hour late, cause I had no idea it was that far away from my house, which was not great but... I don't think anyone noticed :P When we got there, we said hi to the Guedes, that where the only people we knew and we went to take some pictures.

It was in a Mexican restaurant, so there were some fantastic mini-fajitas and some cool drinks. I think that the drinks alone were 1k-1.5k calories, but ok... I have to be more careful with that type of things... Eheh.

I think there were a lot of famous tv people there, but I don't usually watch tv, so I only recognized Diana Chaves. Anyway...

They even challenged me for a ride on the bull that's in the background of the picture... Since I don't like to say no to a challenge, I went and lasted a minute on the bull. It was fun!

It was a different experience. Thanks for the invite!

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