Day Up

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Graphic of June Pre-Rakeback

It's already been a week that I haven't had a positive day and today at some point I was losing $7k for the day. At that point I was thinking "ok, if I get to -$35k this month I will stop for a week to study cause something should be going on with my game". $35k was my chosen amount because it's -100 buy-ins of the highest stake that I've been playing this month.

Fortunately the results of the day changed and I noticed that I was up $2k at some point. I stopped opening tables, because I think it's fundamental in times like this to have a positive day, even if the profit is small.

I have 875k VPPs, I'd like to get to 900k VPPs until Saturday. I think it's possible.

As for the rest... I decided I'll start going to the gym 2 more times per week before lunch to do the cardio (I was going 3). It won't harm me and those 2-3 hours every day between breakfast and lunch is when I'm less productive, which is why I want to do something that makes a difference.

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