Back to business

In the past months this blog was pretty much dead and I apologize for that.
My girlfriend, Katerina, has been translating all the posts I did on my Portuguese blog in the past few months and just putted them online.

You can check them here in chronological order (from newest to oldest):

June Balance and downswings management
How much are 20 chips worth?
910k VPPs
900k VPPs
Analysis KK
KK on the bubble
Day up
800k VPPs
Why I'm not going to Vegas this year
Let's go everyone!
Two new records
Analysis KK
Hand of the day
End of the SCOOP
Last 4 tournaments
Update SCOOP #2
Update SCOOP
Another milestone!
Almost SCOOP-08-M
Update Charity
One more record
EPT Madrid Report
Scoop, Ept and stuff
Analysis of yesterday's hand
Hand of the day
New record
500k VPPs
Weight, body fat, downswings, films and stuff
A different experience
Update 2011 Resolutions

Also, from now on, I will keep writting my posts in Portuguese at and Katerina will translate them asap to english and publish them here, so that everyone that doesn't speak Portuguese can follow me.

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