Back from paradise

Thursday, July 21rst, 2011

Two weeks ago, Katerina and I were feeling like spending some holidays "away from civilization". Some friends of ours recently opened a travel agency ( and I asked them if they had any packages at a promotional price for a quite place where we could spend a week next to a swimming pool or beach relaxing and reading.

They told us about a promotion that they thought was exceptional. For 698/person they had a package of one week in Jamaica, that included food, drinks, airplane tickets and stay at a 5stars resort.

Two days later we were in paradise...

I won't write much, cause I don't want to bore anyone with details and I'm still a bit tired from the return trip (9 hours by airplane). The hotel was excellent, we could eat and drink anytime we wanted..., so we ejnoyed some pina coladas at the beach/swimming pool and the mangos/papayas after our meals. The beach was very nice and the water was warm which is all one can ask for.

We ended up paying a bit extra, cause one day we decided to go on an excursion to a cavern and the the place where they filmed "The Blue Lagoon", "Cocktail" and some scenes of "Day and Night". I liked the cavern, but didn't like the rest as much.

All in all, I think it was a great week for the price we paid!

Instead of writing everything in detail, I will leave you with some fotos that we took:

Fotos at the Resort


Fotos from the excursion

Now back to work...!

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