Almost SCOOP-08-M

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Yesterday, at the end of my sit-n-go session, I started playing SCOOP-08, I played the $11 one and the $109 one, since there was good value for me at the turbos.
When I entered, I only had 20BB, cause I had forgotten to open the tournament. It's not that I mind playing 20BB deep, but without knowing my opponents it's extremely difficult, which is why I started calmly. Eventually, I got a good spot 30BB deep 66vs55, where I only did the play because it was against a winning player and I though that he would make a move against me with a wide range.
Fortunately, he showed 55 and people went crazy on the rail, if he had showed 77, I would receive some comments calling me a donk, but anyway... poker is like that :)

The tournament kept going on and I had a lot of good hands (maybe a ridiculous amout). We got to the bubble and I had one of the biggest stacks of the table. Maybe it seems bad when I'm going all-in with any two and stuff like that at some spots, but what many people don't understand, is that with the chips that are in the middle and they tendancy of the opponents to only call with their best hands, since they want to get in the money, this is extremely profitable. Normally when that happens... I usually double my stack on the bubble without having to show many hands.

Eventually the bubble ended and I reduced my aggressivity a lot, then we got to the last two tables and my agressivity was moderate until I had the control of one table with around 13 players left. Here, I increased my aggressivity a lot once again and I ended up in a big all-in with 30% of equity for the chiplead of the tournament, a spot super banal where I went all-in from the button with a hand in the top 80%... Unfortunately I lost and was left with something like 8BB, which I think was the average, so I could wait a bit, get to the final table and then play my game.

What went wrong? The next hand I got was KK, I went all-in from the cutoff and the BB that only had 3 or 4BB called with QJ, so far so good, but he got a fullhouse. :( Those 13.6% of the times that I lost unfortunately came up at the most important moment of the tournament. Anyway... I still had like 4 or 5BB, I get A7s 6handed UTG, which is a monster hand for my stack. I went all-in and got called by KJ and unfortunately he got two pairs. The 60% also had nothing to do with me at such a crucial point.
(More details at PokerStars' blog)

If I lose $5k-$10k in one day playing sit-n-gos I can sleep at night, because it's something relatively common. But if I lose a title shot so close to the final table... it was a bit hard for me to sleep and I was thinking of the $75k that I didn't win :P

Anyway... there are still many SCOOP tournaments left and you know that you won't get bored watching me play the holdem turbos!
Whoever has the chance to play these SCOOP tournaments should take it and whoever doesn't... should take advantage of the satellites, there are satellites for everyone.

PS: At the 52s vs A9 I had 38.6% of equity.

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