930k VPPs

Today I won 14.2k VPPs, reaching 930k VPPs for the year.
I was able to unlock the $100 bonus in 2 hours ^^

PokerStars Reload Bonuses

I started the day very well, won around 100 buy-ins at the sits of $74, but then I lost close to 25 buy-ins at the $181. I still finished the day quite positive anyway, which was a nice change after a month of losing most of the days.

I even started to wonder if it's worth to play the $181s, cause I've been losing quite a lot at those lately, but then I compared how much I was winning at each stake after-rakeback (assuming 68% for the benefits of being SNE), so as to get an idea of whether it's worth it or not. Like, if I won less at the $181s than at the $74s, I'd stop playing them whenever there would be enough $74s.

Indeed, even after the huge downswing that I had at the $181s, I still have an average of +4$ per game, while at the $74s the average is +$2 per game. I took the chance to look at other stakes too, at the $357s it's +$8 per game and at the $109s and $110s +$2 per game, but those samples are too small to make any conclusions.

Ah, and my diamond star came back ^^ 1rst at the leaderboard of the hyper-turbos and 1rst at the leaderboard of the $74s, let's see if it stays that way...


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