Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Yesterday was another bad day and right now I'm losing $35k pre-rakeback this month.
I was checking my results per buy-in and I basically had a downswing at the $181s and the $357s, but it was a lot more accentuated at the $181s in terms of buy-ins. At the $74s I'm practically break-even this month.

Conclusions? Honestly I don't really know what to think, it could just be negative variance, but what's most probable is that it's bad luck and a decrease of my edge over my opponents. I was indecisive on whether I should stop playing for some time and think about the subject or if I should keep playing but lower stakes, so that I would keep earning some VPPs...

What I ended up doing, was to make up for lost sleep and think about the subject this morning. I already had some ideas as to how to improve my game, but... what I did today is going to increase the quality of my game substantially. I will be able to correct the spots that are gray in my game and I think that during the next weeks/months there will be a substantial difference in my results... Normally I'm not wrong in this type of thing, let's see... :)

When I talk about gray spots, I'm talking about a group of situations that happen during the game and I'm not sure what is the best play, which is why I am for sure making a mistake.

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