New deposit bonus on pokerstars!

(got someone to translate my blog, thank you  petersimon69!)

As usual, before the big tournaments on PokerStars, PokerStars will give a deposit bonus!

  • The bonus is a 50% reload bonus up to $200
  • You have until May 8th to make the deposit
  • You then have until May 31st to unlock the bonus
  • You can release $10 for every 200 VVP's

You can choose from one of four currencies:
CurrencyMaximum BonusClearance Requirement
$20020 VPPs per $1
14027 VPPs per €1
£12032 VPPs per £1
CAD $19020 VPPs per CAD $1
As of todays rate of exchange, there's a $3 difference if you make the deposit in Euros. Might matter for smaller bankrolls i guess :)
However the best thing to do is to check the rate of exchange daily, before you make the deposit.

Any further questions, please contact - I don't work for the support team at PokerStars!

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Anonymous said...

Hi André,

Thinking about starting at the lowest limits with these super turbo's. Hope you can give me a helpfull answere on my question.

I got on this site and they gave a push ranges for position in the level 300/30
EP (8): TT, AK

But when i let nash calculator give me an answere. It comes up with: 9.2%, TT+ A9s+ A5s AJo+ KTs+ KQo QTs+

What do you recommend?
Thanks in advance.
Best Regards, Arjan

Andre said...

hi Arjan,

I don't discuss strategy on my blog.
You should ask at or they have good forums!

good luck man!

best regards

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, i understand. Thanks anyway.