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Monday, 17th January 2011

The past few days have been quite difficult Pokerwise :(

I will start with my graphic of the month for the sngs:

The sample is still small for what this format is, but the variance is ridiculous! Just yesterday, I ended up being -$5k and thinking "ok, it's now that we are going to the -100bis", then I was +1k and I finished the day -$3.5k.

I have also been spending a lot of time studying and cutting down the number of tables, which is why I'm a bit behind of the pace I'd like. 38.5K VPPs at the moment.

I ended up playing the Sunday-Warmup yesterday and I was playing supertight to see if I could start the year ITM at the mtts, but I lost a big pot a bit before the bubble with QQ vs JTs (82%) allin pre-flop.

Today at the gym the PT was slightly late and I did practicaly 1h of cardio. Then we worked on all the exercises that I'm weaker at and by the end I was completely exhausted. I think that in 15-20 minutes we did close to 160 repetitions, just to give you an idea of the pace. In retrospect, it was a good training. :)

I decided to read/ reread the books that I have at home.
I started with "Harrington on Hold'em: Volume I: Strategic Play".
I read it a couple of years ago and I hadn't even absorbed 10% of what I'm getting now by reading it. Everything makes much more sense and a lot of times it gives form to something I already knew. That is, something that I knew by instinct, or by experience, but that I had never really thought about, becomes an idea. Makes sense? :)
It's not that I'm going to start playing like he teaches in the book, but there are a lot of concepts in general that I find to be interesting.


Unknown said...

Hey Andre!

You created a very cool blog!

You often speak about studying the game, especially when on a downswing.

I also want to get familiar with the SuperTurbos on FullTilt.

I'm playing the micros, so I don't have much of a sample about any particular player.
Should I just play according to Nash?
Maybe you can give some hints to the community for studying the game in an effective way.

Best regards,

Andre said...

Thank you.

Nash won't give you the best results. I think that its important to know the nash equilibrium for most sittuations, but it is as important to know how to adjust to your opponents and deviate from that equilibrium.