Crazy graphic

Monday, 17th January 2011

The past few days have been quite difficult Pokerwise :(

I will start with my graphic of the month for the sngs:

The sample is still small for what this format is, but the variance is ridiculous! Just yesterday, I ended up being -$5k and thinking "ok, it's now that we are going to the -100bis", then I was +1k and I finished the day -$3.5k.

I have also been spending a lot of time studying and cutting down the number of tables, which is why I'm a bit behind of the pace I'd like. 38.5K VPPs at the moment.

I ended up playing the Sunday-Warmup yesterday and I was playing supertight to see if I could start the year ITM at the mtts, but I lost a big pot a bit before the bubble with QQ vs JTs (82%) allin pre-flop.

Today at the gym the PT was slightly late and I did practicaly 1h of cardio. Then we worked on all the exercises that I'm weaker at and by the end I was completely exhausted. I think that in 15-20 minutes we did close to 160 repetitions, just to give you an idea of the pace. In retrospect, it was a good training. :)

I decided to read/ reread the books that I have at home.
I started with "Harrington on Hold'em: Volume I: Strategic Play".
I read it a couple of years ago and I hadn't even absorbed 10% of what I'm getting now by reading it. Everything makes much more sense and a lot of times it gives form to something I already knew. That is, something that I knew by instinct, or by experience, but that I had never really thought about, becomes an idea. Makes sense? :)
It's not that I'm going to start playing like he teaches in the book, but there are a lot of concepts in general that I find to be interesting.


Saturday, 15th January 2011

This week I ended up not playing as much as I wanted to, cause I felt the need to study my game.
For this format, there's a need to work with more information than for the previous one, since the ranges overall are more loose. As the ranges are looser and vary according to position, I had to find a better way to filter the information that I use while working and make sure that there's nothing left that I don't use.

Right now, I'm losing 43.40 buy-ins at this new format. It's a bit difficult to take the lead with these downswings, and I don't know for sure if I'm a winner in this format. However, yesterday after studying I already felt better, cause I had more things I was sure about in relation to what I was doing. Something that I recommend to all my friends is: When you have a downswing, STUDY!

The new disc was a big success! The pc doesn't have any type of lag while I'm playing Poker :)
Unfortunately, I will have to cut down a bit on the volume during the next few days, cause I haven't interiorized a big part of the ranges yet and I end up consulting my spreadsheets quite a lot while I play. As soon as the decisions become more obvious to me, I'll increase the number of tables.
Even like this... when I say I cut down a bit on the volume, I'm talking about playing around 20 tables at the same time, which is not horrible at all.

I have been experimenting the Home Games at PokerStars. When I have experimented a bit more this super-tool of the PokerStars client, I'll make a post on the subject. Until then, I suggest you try them out. As you don't pay anything to try and you can play there with play money, why not try it out? :)

This Sunday I was asked to play some sitngos of PokerPt at 20:05. They are 4 sngs turbo of $11 simultaneously. Therefore, if you want to see me play the old 9-max, you can log in at PokerStars Sunday at 20:05, portuguese time!

New disc

Tuesday, 11th January 2011

As I said some posts ago, the hard disc was slowing down my computer and was limiting the number of tables that I could play, because of the lag.

I order a Revodrive of 120GB on the Internet, it took some days to be delivered but it's quite fast from what I've seen so far. I had to install windows 7 on my new disc, Pokerstars client and my Poker programs. I was surprised with holdem manager, cause it's a lot easier to use when it comes to backups and restoration. I've already backed up my database, the hud definitions and even the definitions of sngwizard. The only thing that I haven't done yet is to get the right results of the hyper-turbos, but anyway...

As you can see from the classification of windows, now it's the disc that's ahead of everything else. However, from what I've read, I think that the 7,9 of the disc is getting lower as the disc is getting used more. I believe that it has to do with the way the ssd get the information from the disc.

Tomorrow I'll try to increase the volume a bit, don't be surprised if you see me playing 35+ hyper-turbos at PokerStars!

As for the rest... I have been going to the gym and I started this week with a Personal Trainer. I still think they're very expensive, but I decided to try it out to see if it's worth it or not. I decided to pay for 30 minutes sessions, basically, I do around 50 minutes of cardio by myself and then I have the PT to help me with the muscle exercises and those of flexibility.
They also have the option of getting one hour sessions, but I would have to pay more and I don't think it's necessary. I don't want to be like the old ladies that are paying to have a conversation with the PT while they're doing cardio eheh.

So far I like it, given the fact that the training has been more efficient, safer and I save some time. I have been finishing 30 mintues earlier from the gym than before and I give a lot of value to my time :)