7th January, 2011

I went to spend New Year's Eve in Athens with my girlfriend. It was fun, since they have some traditions that are a bit different than the ones we have in Portugal.

1) The gifts are opened at midnight of 1rst of January instead of 25th of December.

2) On the first day of the year, the first person to enter the house has to bring a religious picture, sugar and a pomegranate. They step into the house, throw the sugar on the floor and throw the fruit with force on the floor! It's to bring good luck for the year.

They also have a sort of New Year Cake, looking completely different than the one we have in Portugal and it has a coin hidden inside. They say that whoever gets the piece with the coin will have good luck for the whole year. They take it seriously, they cut the whole cake in pieces and say for who is each piece! I got a piece of two different cakes and... found the coin in both. Does that mean I'll get a lot this year? :P

As for the rest... we came back to Lisbon this week and we had to clean the house. During the time of work, I have spent the past days studying the structure of the new $74 hyper-turbo satellites. I'm still missing to study a couple of details, but I think that soon I'll be able to start playing those with profit. Jorj95 says that at the $88 he was able to play 30 tables with some effort and that in the new ones he can play 40-50. If I can eventually be profitable playing 40-50 tables it's going to be great :)

The past 3 days I've slept 12h 12h 8h at night, which was good to regain strength. It's impressive how much better I was feeling after two nights of full sleep. Yesterday I had a coffee and it took me a while to fall asleep, which is why I only slept 8h. Yesterday I also went to the gym, I hadn't been there since November and it went well, even though I'm a bit sore.

I noticed that apart from my working space, I still haven't showed anything from my house. Would you like to see the rest? Photos or videos?


Marcial Wills said...

Tell me what is the probability of finding the coins in two different pieces of two different cakes in a specific day of the year (the very first day).

If you can answer that correctly, it does not mean that you lucky.... it just means that you are good!

unless the cakes were cut by half :P

Andre said...

(1/7)*(1/8) :P