$74s and doubts

I contined studying the $74s and played a few.

I'm losing 26.6 buy-ins after 873 games, which doesn't mean anything. As I started losing at a "new" format, I started having doubts about my ability to be profitable at this format: "And if I don't make it?" It's something normal and I think what's important here is to have a plan in case things go wrong.

The next question is... "How many buy-ins do I have to lose until I feel the need to give up?". I belive that I already had downswings of 100 bis in the previous format, so 200 would be a good number, since this format has more variance. As the strategy may vary, I decided that reaching 200 buy-ins I'm going to study even more intensively the game and correct as much as possible the possible leaks in my strategy. If after that, I continue to play and go down to 300 buy-ins, I will give up on the format and try something else.

I can also  be profitable in January and about that there is nothing to worry about, but it's better to have a plan for every case, like that no matter what happens, it's still according to the plan!

Yesterday was my free day and I enjoyed it having lunch outside and going to the cinema with my girlfriend. It's good to have a day where you don't need to think about buy-ins, ICM, allins, etc :)

Today I'm going to play 20 tables maximum, instead of 30, since  in this format I'm not playing automatically enough to play more than 20 tables just yet. But next week I can see myself playing 30 tables :)

You can accompany my all-ins at PokerStars, I promise you that there will be a lot of action!

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