1718 sngs in 8.3H

On Sunday I ended up experimenting playing more tables at the same time, cause I was getting bored playing 20. Basically, in this format 2/3 of the tournaments are lost, which is hard to handle psychologically, even more so when we see that we are losing. Therefore, I decided to experiment by increasing the number of tables so that I wouldn't constantly keep an eye on the results.

I tried going up to 45 tables, but that's a lot for me, I think that until my new disc arrives and the computer lags less, I can play 35-40 tables.

Most of the time I was playing 30 tables simultaneously and it's doable. It was less tiring than the previous format. I ended up playing a total of 1714 sngs that day or... 13,669 VPPs!

I have 20k VPPs for the month, which is a bit behind than what I was hoping for, but considering the number of tables that I can play, if I'm not a losing player at this format, I believe that next week I will be back at the desired pace.

This is the graphic of the month:

As you can see in the graphic, this has a lot of variance. I have to see how it looks when I have played 4x more sngs.


Unknown said...

hi acoimbra,

are you still buying t$s with the new structure of hyperturbos? i read the faq but i couldnt find an email here and i dislike all the facebook like stuff.


Unknown said...

Can you tell me what the deal is with Da_Engineer. Been watching your games and the guy makes obscene calls against you but somehow he is breaking even. Example: UTG ALL-in first hand of SNG he calls with 42o in BB.

On a side note i saw you popping 36 tables at one point (don't know if that is normal). That is pretty impressive I can only get into that range play DON's don't think i will reach deep into the 20's at these super turbos.

Anyways enjoyed watching you play was hoping to get some tips as I have been out of the super turbo game since i left FT. But I think there is too much of a difference between stakes. (might open my calling range a bit more against regs though)

Take Care,

Andre said...

luscus: That hand sounds like a misclick. Although I don't really mind people calling my utg shoves with 42o... would make so much more money if everyone did that :)

Just try it out and see if it works for you i guess! :)

Unknown said...

Well continued to give the ST's a run, but decided to go back to DON's.

Does feel awesome to be doing 150 games/hr, but ran break even and was doubting myself too much even though holdem manager was telling me I was way up in EV.

Sure enough came back to DON's and had a great run. Oh well I will give them another go when i have enough bankroll for the $20 range (since the $5 ones only run for another week).

Good luck with them hope to see you there in a year or so.

Oh and there was a few other very loose calls DaEngineer made against you, but definitely that one stuck out in my mind. Either way you are probably right, though I thinking folding would be the more common misclick (guess it depends on your setup)

Unknown said...

hi luscus,

how did you manage to know your ev?
i have a broken redline in hyperturbos as the payouts are bugged in hem. i would love to see a real redline.