Goodbye magic!

Saturday, 11th December 2010

This post is for whoever plays magic.

During the past years I gave a lot of myself to Magic. When I was in university, I spent more time travelling around the world to play tournaments, than in class. Some professors were worried about me, and they were sometimes expressing their distaste that I wasn't achieving my academic potential. Gradually, I stopped playing magic competively, and started playing Poker to pay my expenses and finish my studies. In retrospective, I don't regret anything, because this is what made me who I am today and I think I'm in a positive situation.
Eventually I finished my studies and started playing Poker full time, leaving magic completely to the side. At the culminate point of grinding for SNE in 2009 I was exhausted of all that grinding and that's when I decided to play my "last big championship of magic". At a point where I obviously didn't have any type of expectactions, I ended up winning and being the first Portuguese to bring the title of world champion of MTG to our beloved Portugal.
During a year I was the current champion, I couldn't play a lot of tournaments, given my work, but when they asked me for an interview I always accepted and I contributed so as not only to promote the game, but also to give the best possible idea about it. Today this period comes to an end an I will be from now on referred to as "ex-world champion" or "2009 world champion". I hope that all the fans of the game have been satisfied with my work to promote the game and to put Portugal in gold letters in its history.

At this moment, I'm not qualified for anything. My ranking shouldn't even be enough for the national championship and I also don't have any motivation to start over from scratch. Competitive magic is a chapter of my life that I look back to with joy, but that is part of the past.

Goodbye :)

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