Today I played all day long, I tried to do 2 hour sessions and at least keep my eyes closed in between sessions in order to rest a bit.

At the sngs I had a big downswing, but I'm still positive for the month.

At the Sunday Warm-up, I went up to 120k chips, but then I lost a 50k pot allin on the turn vs 5 outs, after an A8 vs AA and KK vs AA, it happens...

In a while I'll be the host of the Sunday-Million and then I'll leave for Barcelona!

As for the VPPs, I'm missing 5.25% for SuperNova Elite, let's go!

You can still buy a part of my action on the next EPT, more information here!

FPPS for charity:  

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Mush Poker said...

Hey Andre! Im Luciano, from Argentina, I´ve been reading your blog since i play poker, but never before commented, i rlly like ur style and your posts. I recently began my blog, i added you to my list, id like if u can do same with me, best of luck and keep the grind!