My last post was short, and maybe I was a bit "arrogant" at that title. The truth is that I was trying to be as optimistic as possible cause I was feeling slightly bad.

I have been making it ITM at one out of every 3 live tournaments I play, or something like that, which is great, but the truth is that I've been quited disappointed with myself. I have been making a lot of mistakes that I shouldn't be doing, things that I know are wrong, but I leave that inner voice influence my play... And the truth is that if it hadn't been for those mistakes, I would have already have made it further in various tournaments!

I think that even with my mistakes, the tournaments of 1,000 have a positive expected value for me, but I could have some 1rst wins! At those of 5,000 I think that I will only have a positive expected value when I managed to increase my self-control while playing live 1tabling ('s boring!). I think that what's important for the future is that my goal is not to win X, or have Y result, but rather... to always or almost always make the play I think is correct.

I already have an idea of what I want to play live during next year, but for now I won't write much on this subject, apart from the fact that I'm not going to play the PCA or the next EPTs. The next live tournament for me should be EPT Berlin in April! In any case... I will announce my plans for 2011 at the end of December or beginning of January :)

On Sunday I played less hours than normal and only 16 tables at the same time, cause I had the flu and I wasn't able to think. I'm missing 47K VPPs for the 1,000,000 VPPs. I won't play the $220s, but maybe I'll play the $130s if the games are not bad.

At the Sunday Warmup I was doing well, but at the last 3 hands that I lost, I lost a coin-flip allin pre flop and I got 2 sets on the flop while already being pot-comitted. However, I felt really well about the way I played :)

You can see me at PokerStars going allin to win the last points for SNE, I will play mostly16 tables at the same time, to stand more hours of play.

FPPS for charity:  619,534($9,992)

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Nice blog post and congrats on the live results.Would you be able to add my blog to your blog list. I have already added yours to mine. Here's the link. Tnx