Shares EPT Barcelona

I've decided to sell up to 50% of my participation in the main even of EPT Barcelona!

The buy-in is 5300, so 1% is 53.
If you want to buy, send the money to acoimbra at PokerStars and leave a comment on this post with the percentage that you bought. If I make it in the money, I will send you the percentage of the prize that you bought.

You can buy shares until the 22nd of November.

Why am I selling? These events are EV+ for me, but from a conservative point of view when it comes to bankroll management, I don't have the bankroll to play 5K tournaments. Therefore, I prefer to sell a part of my participation and in that way the percentage of my bankroll that I have reserved for playing live tournaments will allow me to play more of them :)

You can see my results at live events at cardplayer.

I recommend that you don't use any money that you need, because the chances of getting in the money are low, or to put it in another way, most of the times I won't make it in the money.

Confirmed investors:

2%: pedromoreira
1%: MacSotto

2%: it&cream
1%: pwsk

1%: fornit28 
1%: serbaptista
2%: lionjoker

FPPS for charity:  462,826($7,464)

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