The past three days I have spent very little time playing Poker. I keep feeling mentally tired, even after a full night's sleep. After all, that week in Vienna where some nights I slept less than what's ideal for me and I made up for it in caffeine, is catching up on me.
In any case, yesterday I slept a bit more than normal and I'm already feeling better, I believe I'm going to have a full 8 hour day of grinding. On Thursdays I can't leave the house because the cleaning lady comes here, but it's good to try and make it up for lost time :)

Tomorrow I'm going to spend my afternoon visiting some institutions where it's possible to donate the money I'm gathering. I have been getting information from people I trust about where my help would make the biggest difference, and this is the moment to start looking with my own eyes and decide.

On Saturday I'm going to Coimbra to play the PTQ (it's a satellite) of Magic... I'm a bit against playing PTQs, even more so for tournaments in Paris, but my girlfriend wants very much to go and I will also benefit from the trip to spend some time with my family. There is also the SuperNova Freeroll at night (€1M in prizes), maybe I'll take my laptop with me to play :)

Speaking of laptops... During my last trip I reached the conlcusion that I need to buy a new one. I have a laptop that weighs 4KG (18.4') and even though it's great to play Poker, it's awful to travel with. It's not even great to use in the plane, because it takes up so much space, space that many times I do not have and the battery only lasts for a while. It's good to play 12 tables in tiles, without overlapping them, but... is that even necessary? I thought it was, now I know it isn't. The problem is that in hotels I'm never going to grind a lot of tables at the same time, maybe I will play 3-4 tournaments, but nothing beyond that. I don't feel comfortable grinding with those unstable Internet connections that they have in hotels, unless I have a second one, which I never will.

Therefore the question is... what laptop should I buy? I want something, where I will be able to type a text comfortably, watch a couple of films on planes, have the possibility to open PokerStars (GG Ipads) and I want it to be light. I was thinking about netbooks and the apple macbookairs of 11' and 13', but I haven't decided yet.

The budget is not a problem, what I want is to get the best quality/price value and have something that satisfies my needs (one would say I'm talking about something else...).

Any techwiz that reads my blog and wants to recommend something? :)

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I went to the gym. I had my physical evaluation and I have my plan. Cardio went down to 50 minutes, but, the plan now includes a bit of muscular exercises too. My biggest question is if the service "Personal Training" is worth it. Basically, it's having an appointment 1-4x per week with one of the trainers of the gym that accompanies your training. The one that made my evaluation said that the evolution would be significantly faster and and I'm pro paying for efficiency. I looked around more carefully and I noticed that at the gym yesterday there were 6 personal trainers and only 1 for the rest of the clients. Therefore, it should be something... common these days.

I have two problems with the "personal training", first it implies having a steady schedule and I don't like very much having steady schedules, but if it was just that I would make an effort for 2-3 months and ok. The other problem is that even though I can afford it, I think it's expensive. We're talking about €30 to €40 per hour. Honestly, I feel that the people there are being exploited and I can picture the trainers not earning a lot from that and a good part of that money going to the gym, but anyway... It's not my problem and hoping that I will change society is a utopia, it's ok to live with the existing rules.

Any fitness expert that reads my blog and wants to make a comment? :)

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