The price of magic

I haven't been talking much about magic lately, but I decided to talk about a subject and I know that a lot of people are going to agree with me. If you don't play magic, ignore the next paragraph.

I still remember when I thought spending 100-200 on a deck of magic was a lot of money. That's a thing of the past, cause with the introduction of the "mythic cards" (super rares) the game became ridiculously expensive!
Yesterday I logged in on MTGO to buy cards for a deck, I had to check the prices and calculate the total... the deck was around $800!!!! 4 Jaces and a couple more mythics are enough to make it very expensive. I believe that in order to make a low budget deck that's also a competitive you can only try a small red or maybe a boros.
What's the problem with that? I can pay $800 for a deck if I think that's the best one, but not everyone can and that throws the game out of balance. That's very very very very bad for the competitivity of the game and for the players. For who is this good? For WOTC that sells more boosters and for the dealers that get more value from each booster.
Now someone could say... but... the price of the boosters is the same, why is that not good for the players also? Because the players buy more singles than they open boosters and the cards normally reach absurd values during their second year of life, when the flow of cards from the drafts stops and there are only the dealers. The prices are based on demand and offer, of course, but... the quantity available on the market of the "mythic cards" is relatively low comparing to the quality of those cards.
If you want a fair game, don't play constructed, play limited!

As for poker, yesterday I realized that I'm limited to 2 hour sessions, when I reach 2:30 my eyes are already hurting. There's no point in inventing anything, it has to be "Resting, 2h grinding, Resting, 2h grinding, ... etc", cause even on the short term, forcing the number of  hours in a row that I play is EV-. I play worse during the last hour and the fatigue accumulates, creating a negative feeling, that ends up making me take some days off to recover. The ideal is to have small sessions with resting breaks in between, to allow the eyes and mind to rest.

Now that it's getting colder, I went back to drinking green tea, yumi :)

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