I have been tired and not very keen on writing at my blog, so I haven't been making a lot of posts lately and I apologize for that.

The plan is to reach 1,000,000 VPPs on the 6th of December and go to Japan on the 7th to play the world championship of M.T.G.. Since I know that the games I play are EV+ and that what matters now is getting VPPs, I haven't been checking my results while playing and it's easier like this, less stress. Try it out, if you can... 

Some months ago I received an invite from the Computer Sciences Department of Porto University to go there and give a lecture on Poker. I decided not to announce it on my blog, because I didn't want it to have a lot of people, since this was my first one. The lecture was yesterday, I believe it had around 20-30 people that attended and it was an interesting experience. The subject was "Poker and Computing", and I talked for 30 minutes about the programs that I use on a daily basis and how they influence my results, then I answered questions for another 30 minutes. Next time that I will do something like that, I will announce it here :)

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