The last milestone

Today I reached 900K VPPs, I'm missing only 100K VPPs to reach the most desired status of online poker: SuperNova Elite.

You could also say I'm missing "1 SuperNova". I should finish either this month or the beginning of the next one, in any case, I will put posts to keep you updated.

You can follow this last milestone of the year at PokerStars!

FPPS for charity:  434,285($7,004)

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Simplicity8 said...

Hey Andre, you have a typo in your FAQ statement (fight = find), unless you actually want us to fight our answers :)

I've added your blog awhile ago (always a good read), feel free to add mine:

G'luck achieving Supernova Elite!!

Andre said...

hi, thank you for the comment and good luck for your sne quest :)