EPT Barcelona Update

Unfortunately, I didn't last long at the EPT, in the beginning I lost 1/3 of my stack with a flush vs full house, then I  recovered a bit with another flush. I ended up losing with 99 on a board 5s7s3 5 3, I thought that the range of the shove on the river would be more bluff than value, but he had 55.

I apologize to whoever invested on me, but if you keep wanting to invest on me in the future, I will continue to sell a part of the main events that I play.

After that I went to play the turbo bounty of 1k. I think that there were more than 100 players and when we were 12 I had the second biggest stack of the table, even though that was 10BB (LOL). It paid to top 10 and there were players with 1BB on the SB that folded... I had 78s UTG with 5 players ahead of me, I had around 200k and the pots started with something less than 40K. The BB was the only one that could kill me, and I went all in. Everyone folded to the BB who had 300K, he thinks he thinks he thinks and he calls with AT. The board comes and there was an open straight draw for me, but it didn't hit.

It affected me going that far at the turbo bounty and losing so close to the final table. It's frustrating. Tomorrow I'll play the 1k freezeout, I'll try playing super tight, let's see how that goes!

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