11% Missing

Since the last post I haven't had much free time.
On Friday I went to see the institutions, to see with my own eyes their necessities and up to what point I could help with my money. It was an experience quite different from what I'm used to but things are moving forward. When I really start helping them I will talk more about the subject on my blog.
In any case, I spend my Friday afternoon there.

On Saturday I went to play the ptq in the morning, the space was very nice and the whole environment was cool. I thought my sealed deck was broken, but I was quite conservative at the construction of the deck and I made two critical mistakes while playing. Of course I couldn't expect much with 6-7 hours of sleep :) The result was 0-2 drop.

In the afternoon I played the 1 Million Supernova freeroll, it was paying to top 1000 and I finished 1035th, calling at the SB an all in from the button. I had 99, he had AQ and the pair didn't hold up.

Since it was already late, I slept at my mother's place and I only came back to Lisbon on Sunday morning.
I arrived around noon, but I still played more than 1000 tournaments until 21:15!

I'm missing 109K VPPs to renew the SNE status, so you can expect to see frequent posts during the following days :)

FPPS for charity401,672($6,478)

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