Working space

My stuff from Greece arrived!
It is a bit strange to see here all the things that I had in my house in Greece, but of course everything is welcome.

What I was missing more was my computer and my coffee machine. I hadn't realized that the coffee capsules expire after some months, so yesterday I had an expired coffee... it was awful :( After that I saw the dates and I threw in the garbage everything that had expired already.

The computer is already set up and working, I just need to buy some speaker columns and it will be great.
Yesterday I was playing and as the PC was not lagging at all while running holdem manager with my 30GB database at the same time I was playing a lot of tables simultaneously, I got exited and ended up playing 40 tables at the same time. That made the computer have a small lag when I moved the 40 tables to being stacked, but it was enough to make me sitout in some of them, a desaster! It was an expensive experience, but well, we need to learn from our mistakes and I needed to figure out what I could expect from my computer anyway.
With that, I got a bit negative for the month, but there are a lot of days still until the month is over. I haven't decided yet if I want to play with tiles or stacked tables. With tiles I feel that I play with more information, I make more accurate plays but stacked I can play 25-50% more tables and I don't see the results on the short term. I will spend some time studying, cause it's been a while I haven't studied. I have been trying stuff out and I'm trying to get back to the pace I had in May and June during my 60K in 60 days challenge!

I said I would put some pictures of my working space, but I made a video instead now that everything is complete. I recorded in FullHD (1080), it occupies 1GB on the disc, but the important thing is that there is quality in my videos :) I will post it here as well, even though it's in portuguese.

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