Last week was so and so as far as sngs are concerned, I was slightly up pre-points. As for the points, I have around 815k FPPs for the year and 39k for the month, which is quite good, considering that only one third of the month has passed and I didn't play any high stakes!

Unfortunately, I didn't make it ITM at the Sunday Warm-up where I lost AKs vs KK vs 77 all-in pre-flop, but there will be another one next week!
On Monday I woke up early to host the final table of the Sunday Million.

I went three times to the gym, which is according to the plan. Two of the times I did 1h of cardio and abs (2x20 and 3x50) and the third time I attended a class of "Body balance". At the "Body Balance" class I got exhausted, it was really difficult for me, but this week I will try it again to see if it gets a bit easier!

Katerina and I are doing recycling at home and we had a lot of boxes, so we had to tear them apart in smaller pieces and put them in plastic bags so they can be recycled... Boriiiiiiiiiiiing! We filled 20 super market bags with paper and we put them all in the recycle bin. We need to think of the environment I guess :)

This week the furniture from Greece is supposed to arrive, and that includes my PC and my 2 big screens. When I have everything set up, I will put some photos of my working space here at the blog.

FPPS for charity134,940 ($2176)

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