In the previous post I mentioned I was having a downswing. The downgswing started on Wednesday and continued on Thursday after around 800 sngs ([175, 975]).

Yesterday, while I was playing at one of the lowest points of the downswing, close to $5.5k, I said to a friend of mine that these things are normal and that when I get out of a downswing I'm always stronger. I normally don't spend a lot of time studying the game, but when I have a downswing it's something imperative so yesterday after studying one hour I saw some things that I was doing wrong and I corrected them.

Here is the graphic (sngs of $130 and $88) of the past two days:

I usually don't talk a lot about graphics, but I think what's important here is to see that in 750 tournaments I had a huge downswing and in almost 200 sngs a quite big upswing.

The majority of players does not play as big a volume of tournaments as I do so on the short term they may be on the downswing part just as they can be on the upswing part.

What happens a lot of times is that during the downswing part they are frustrated, they blame the software for being rigged and go to the forums to write about their bad luck.

When they are at the upswing part, they think they found gold and start considering to leave their jobs, studies, etc to dedicate themselves to Poker.

That last decision personally worries me more than the first cause it has a bigger effect on society.

Poker for fun purposes is a great game on the short term, but in order for it to be something serious it only makes sense with very big samples.

FPPS for charity192,284 ($3,101)

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Unknown said...

Nice post, and nice job to get out of that down.

Artur said...

what's your ROI in hyper-turbo SNG?

Andre said...

yar213: 0.42% in a sample of almost 70k sngs.