Side Events

Yesterday I slept until late, watched a movie and went to the gym of the hotel for about an hour or so. After that I took a shower, had a salad for lunch and went to the casino.

I played the turbo bounty of 1100 and I finished in 3rd place.
(Photo: Neil Stoddart)

It was a tournament that lasted until 2 o'clock in the morning, we spent most of the time playing with 8-15BB and I think that's where my edge is bigger, although it has of course an enormous variance. My last 3 all-ins were 60-40 and I lost them. I admit that I got out of the casino feeling a bit down, but at tournaments there is only one winner and what happens most of the times is that we don't win.

Sill I won 8470 + 600 from the bounties, so it was a very good day. I am slowly increasing my winnings at live tournaments :)

Today I'm playing the 2150 freezeout, and then I'll make a post about how it went.

FPPS for charity324,667 ($5,236)

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