This Wednesday I had a downswing of quite a lot of buy-ins at the $130, which is at the moment the highest stake I play.

As I didn't manage to sleep at a decent time, I only slept 4 hours before the cleaning lady rung the bell on Wednesday morning. I could have gone back to bed, get up late and play a bit after, but I decided to break that rythm. I stayed awake all day long!

I ended up playing magic the whole day, since it's something that keeps me awake and it's interesting. Of course I played really bad, since I practically had no sleep, but... does it matter? :)
It was funny to see the 1rst player I played against call me donk after losing from me.
At least in Magic the community is less harsh than at online poker, people don't  wish you cardiac arrests, cancer or death. There are only small insults!

Today I woke up early in the morning without an alarm and I have to tell you... there's something special in waking up early and having the feeling that the whole day is ahead!

Back when I was studying, I thought I was more a person of the night, I enjoyed waking up in the afternoon and I only went to sleep with the first light of the sun. Now it's the opposite... Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I am a rebellious mind and I like to do the opposite of everyone else. When I was at university, the normal thing was to go to classes in the morning and early afternoon, now that I play poker full time, the normal is to start playing online championships late in the afternoon, some of them even after dinner and eventually stay up all night.

Why does that matter? It doesn't. It wasn't even a great morning, but I felt quite alive, with all the day ahead of me and infinite possibilities!

Maybe I will cut down on the $130 on Wednesday and try to have a more "normal" schedule... or is it going to be more "different"? It depends on the standards that each one of us has, but you understand, don't you? :)

I have been going to the gym, but I still haven't had my physical evaluation in order to make a plan. It seems that always when I get an appointment, something unpredicted will happen and I miss it. The next one is scheduled for November, and maybe this time I will go one hour before or something like that just to be sure that I'll be there on time!
Until I get my plan, I have been attending classes that are focusing on balance and when I go out of class time, I do one hour of cardio and some abs as I mentioned in a previous post.

At the gym I go to every one gets their own locker and the other day while I was in the locker room, a man opens his locker and keeps staring inside. Up until that point all good, but then he starts smiling and closes it. He opens the one right next to it with the same key and then I realized what was happening, started smiling too and talked with him about it.
The first one was not his locker, but it had a chinese lock too so... the key was compatible. I looked around and saw that there was at least one more lock with the same chinese logo...
If there is anything I don't want to be universal and compatible, that's a lock, so it's worth to pay a bit more to get one with a unique key or one with a code. I use a lock with a code, it only has 1000 combinations, but I believe that if someone tries to open my locker they would probably be caught, so I feel that my trousers and shoes are relatively secure!

As for the digital world...

If you still haven't watched Phil Helmut's scene at "The Big Game", go watch it!

There were also some changes at the VIP System at PokerStars at the beginning of this month. The biggest part of them concerns cash games players, but there was one that was important for all players. Now, when we change FPPs for a money bonus, the money automatically appears on the account, it's no longer necessary to unblock the bonus. What this means is that the FPPs at PokerStars gain even more liquidity and that's great for all players!

To finish this post... Watch this video and leave a comment with your opinion.

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