Maximum value for the FPPs

Two days ago, my SuperNova Elite status at PokerStars expired so now I'm SuperNova again.

I intend to reach the SuperNova Elite status again in the next 2-3 months, and I decided to use the FPPs that I will gain during the process in a different way .

The PokerStars VIP Club concierge service has already been used by players in various ways, from organising weddings to getting horses and other types of dreams.

I decided to use this service in an altruist way.

All the FPPs that I win gain until I reach the SNE status, will be converted in money through the PokerStars VIP Club concierge service and will be given to one or more charity institutions.

I have friends, some of who are very occupied, that manage to take some of their time to devote themselves and help strangers without expecting nothing in return. Everyday we see people that need our help, but we are always so busy with our own lives that we ignore the ones around us that are in need.

I believe it is very important to share a bit with whoever needs it the most. Through my profession, I don't make as much of a difference in society as, for example, a doctor or a teacher. That said, I make enough money so that I can compensate the lack of contributing my time, by giving to those who need support a part of the money I make, and therefore make a difference in the society myself.

I'm not very good with words and I don't expect to influence a lot of people with my speech. However, think about my actions and ask yourselves if what I'm doing makes sense to you too. If that's the case, I suggest you do the same within your limitations and possibilities :)

Until I reach the SNE status, I will make a daily reference in the end of every post with the amount that I won that will be given to charity.
I think it's rewarding to be able to see at the end of every post, the value growing bigger day by day while knowing that it's for a good cause! I always put myself to new challenges and I believe that until today, this one is the most enticing and motivating of all!


Nichoel said...

What a great idea Andre and so very commendable ... keep up the good work ;-) ~NicP

Marcial Wills said...

That's really nice. Actually we dont need to have huge amounts of money to help

I like to help too, but I think that sometimes just to donate money does not have the expected impact in people, and once the money is gone there is nothing left... until there is another donator.

THAT'S WHY I prefer and recommned to support microfinance like , there you do not donate, instead you lend money (no interest) to people needing money to start home business.

take a look at
maybe you will like it better, and the money can be relended many times to help much more people

Ištvan Ferkeš said...

congrats, that is a nice idea!

you must be a good human ...

Andre said...

Thank you guys!

Marcial: That's a really interesting project, will take it into consideration.

PedroT said...

parabens pela ideia...fico feliz por saber que ainda existe gente em potugal que pensa no bem estar dos otros.. parabens