800K VPPs

Yesterday I decided that I would play until I reach 800K VPPs.

So now I can collect the last milestone of SuperNova ($5k).
I am slightly positive for the month, but nothing more than that. I decided that I will change a bit the way I play the Sunday Warm-Up and I will start trying to make more ITM's, cause -$215 every week accumulates fast. Last week I was the host of the Sunday Million and I should normally host it again this week, so if you wake up early on Monday morning, come and say hi!

I bought at the VIP Store the package for EPT Vienna:

I was thinking about the different options for me to register at the EPT Vienna and the best option is to use my FPPs, because it ends up being a discount of aproximately 10%* comparing to the normal price of the package if you consider the value of one FPP to be $0.016. Therefore, I decided to stop playing the satellites of 5400 FPP and start using my FPPs for live tournaments, +- 10% of discount is a lot of money...

As for the rest... my girlfriend is learning how to play sngs. I have been following her study and it's not easy to start from 0, learn what to do in the different situations of the early game, mid game and late game. However, she is learning fast and I think that in a while she'll start beating the battle of the planets in the division where she plays.
A while ago she had the lobby open at the sits of $1.1 that she has been playing for practice and I noticed that the KOs had a fee of $0.15 instead of $0.20 that the normal ones have. The fact of playing higher, given the buy-in plus the bounty is higher than the normal tournaments, and having a fee significantly inferior makes me think that it compensates a lot more to play the KO. I think that for those who play a big quantity, that lower fee will really make a difference.
According to her, the players were more willing to gamble too, so I recommend you try out this format. There are sngs from $1.4 up to $265 at PokerStars!

FPPS for charity: 84357 ($1360.61)

*Explanation: I will use the PCA as an example, since it's in dollars. It costs 900K FPPs and it gives a package of 15780 that includes the buy-in, 8 nights at a hotel, $1k for food and $1k for expenses. The bonus of $4k is paid with 250FPPs, therefore each FPP is worth $0.016. $0.016*900k=$14,400.


Unknown said...

I'm sorry but I don't understand how you can be getting 10% discount, surely you've worked it out wrong?

If 0.016*900=$14,400, then surely you need the package to be worth $14,400 for it to be of the same value.

Sounds like you're paying 10% more, not less, to me.

Andre said...

Hi James: you are 100% right!
I was tired when I wrote the post and did the math all wrong.

The real value of the package is $15780. The discount is 9.13% considering the 0.016/FPP rate.

You can see this value on the Cash sattelites for the PCA on your PokerStars client.

I edited the post to correct my mistake. Sorry guys :(

Unknown said...

Gotcha! lol. Best of luck in Vienna, I went there last year and it's a really nice place. You might want to check out the joint directly next to the Casino ;)