€2150 -> :'(

On Thursday when I went to sleep I had quite a lot of cafeine in my blood and I couldn't stop thinking about what I could have done differently in order to win the tournament. Therefore, I didn't get much sleep. That had an impact on my performance at the €2150  freezeout on Friday.

In the meanwhile, at every tournament that I play, I learn something new and that is priceless (or maybe not... in this case it was 2150 for the lesson :P). Maybe that means that I'm inexperienced, which is something that I won't deny, but until we start getting some experience... we all are!

My girlfriend said that I sounded happier on the phone after losing the €2150 tournament, than the day before that I got 3rd place at the €1100... I believe it has to do with the fact that losing before making it in the money is the most common case and since there aren't many "title shots", I'm feeling quite disapointed when I get one but I don't manage to win. It's one of those things that only someone who has finished in 1rst, and 2nd/3rd place in tournaments is able to understand.

On Saturday I planned to play the €1100 freezeout and if it went bad in the first 5h, I wanted to play the €330 turbo.

I'm starting to think that the turbos without bounties is a format with tendancy to desappear and be replaced by the turbos with bounties. That's because the second format is more fun, more interesting and there is more skill involved... it's an easy choice.

FPPS for charity324,667 ($5,236)

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